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CTI (Communications. Technology. Innovations.) - системный интегратор, поставщик IT-решений и облачных услуг на территории

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CTI management

Denis Volyansky

Chief Executive Officer

Denis holds a master's degree in economics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University and a diploma in mathematical economics from Tilburg University (Denmark). From 1997 to 2010, he held a number of positions in development and sales management at Hewlett-Packard Russia, and later acquired managerial experience in sales director roles and as head of the representative office of Motorola Solutions and British Telecom in Russia.

Denis has implemented a range of major strategic IT projects in the oil and gas, manufacturing and telecom industries. Since January 2015, Denis has been the head of CTI where he is responsible for developing new business lines and strengthening its position as a system integrator in the Russian and the CIS markets.

Inna Ryabova

Deputy CEO, Strategic Development

Inna graduated from the Hertzen Saint-Petersburg State University and holds several degrees in organizational psychology, marketing, personnel management as well as an English Royal Society RSA certificate in business management. She has many years of experience in implementing large projects, has held various roles at global companies with 15 years in personnel management - including 10 years as an HR director in the IT industry.

Since 2016 Inna’s areas of responsibility have included: development and implementation of the CTI’s strategic plans and performance policies, attracting and training talent, introducing best HR practices, as well as organizational and operational development projects.

Tatiana Beley

Chief Marketing Officer

Tatiana holds two graduate degrees – one technical and the other in economics. Tatiana has been an IT professional since 2003. She has worked in some of Russia’s biggest IT companies, including ASCON, IBS, ESET, InfoWatch and Informzaschita. Tatiana is ranked among the top five IT marketing directors according to the TOP-1000 best professional managers rating compiled by the Association of Managers and the Kommersant Publishing House (6th place in 2013; 4th place in 2014). In November 2018, Tatiana joined the CTI team as head of the marketing department. She is responsible for business development, marketing, PR and partner activities.

Sergey Chernov

Director, RnD

Sergey graduated from the Tsiolkovsky Moscow Aviation Technological Institute with a major in systems programming.

Since 1989 he has been involved in commercial software development; since 2005 as a top manager. Sergey has led the development of over thirty circulated commercial software products in the medical, manufacturing, mechanical engineering and banking sectors, as well as for financial institutions, retail, energy, the public sector, etc.

At CTI, Sergey is responsible for strategy implementation in innovative software development and manages the production base for commercial software creation.

Anton Safonov

Chief Financial Officer

Anton graduated from the Yaroslavl Military Finance Institute with a degree in military financial support. For over 20 years he has held senior positions in state and commercial companies in the banking and IT sectors. Anton also holds a professional accounting certificate as well as a second degree in medicine. At CTI, Anton is responsible for budgeting within the established business plan, organizing an efficient internal and external financial control system and managing the company’s financial flows.