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data protection for cloud services

Following the steady growth of cloud services to address IT problems, the demand for information security is growing and transforming. Private clouds, virtual machine rental services (IaaS/PaaS) and public cloud applications (SaaS) are being used. This in turn leads to two problems: perimeter erosion (when the cloud infrastructure can be accessed from any device outside the corporate network) and the uncontrolled transfer of data and information. As a result, additional technologies are needed to protect data, endpoints and mobile platforms.  

the services include:

  • protected cloud VPN communication channels based on a service model with proactive monitoring and compliant with the legislative requirements for the protection of personal and confidential data;
  • cloud-based secure perimeter and web/email traffic protection based on a hybrid model with security incident monitoring;
  • protection against denial of service attacks based on a hybrid service model with SLA control;
  • monitoring and collection of data on information security incidents, cloud threat analytics for rapid assessment and decision making;
  • event management and event correlation processing that’s integrated with the customer’s service desk systems and reporting;
  • protected access to cloud applications using cloud access security broker (CASB) technologies.

CTI’s security-as-a-service options enable customers to start using modern security solutions within the shortest possible time, ensure compliance with personal data protection requirements as well as organize proactive monitoring of the performance of complex and distributed information systems. These steps ensure a prompt response to threats and quick adjustment of security policies for preventive protection in the event of an incident.

CTI experts and/or employees of the customer are notified about information security events automatically. Notifications can be configured via SMS, email, Telegram or phone. The service deployment scheme – either fully in the cloud or hybrid – is chosen depending on the customer’s corporate policies and technical capabilities.

Prior to implementation, we offer a CTI security cloud assessment that takes into account all the security aspects of using cloud technologies:

– network security architecture and shadow IT;
– cloud applications used;
– risks of using cloud applications and data;
– the most effective cloud security scenarios for an organization and the results achieved after implementation.

Implementing the services can dramatically reduce information security risks and the administration and implementation costs of security tools, ensure complete visibility and data security, protect against threats, including complex multi-vector attacks, simplify the process for changing security policies and increase response times and decision making.

The set of services meets the requirements of the FSTEC and the FSB in Russia. The company's licenses for the protection of confidential information issued by the Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of the FSB of Russia and FSTEC of Russia, cover a wide list of activities that allows us to provide a full range of services for the development and distribution of encryption (cryptographic) tools, to design and implement protected information systems, to carry out deployment and installation work and to specify services in the field of data encryption and support. The available licenses allow us to provide protection for confidential information, personal data, state information systems and critical information infrastructure systems.

what you get

  • service based on international best practices
  • access to the competences of a market leader
  • high-quality services
  • focus on your business processes
  • flexible pricing mechanism

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