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CTI (Communications. Technology. Innovations.) - системный интегратор, поставщик IT-решений и облачных услуг на территории

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IT outsourcing and maintenance of IT systems

IT outsourcing from CTI consists of a comprehensive approach to support the customer’s overall IT infrastructure, with knowledge, experience and expertise from specialists who have implemented hundreds of projects.

full range of services

IT infrastructure support

– Workstations (computers), email
– Copying and duplicating equipment
– POS terminals, payment terminals
– Servers, information security system, remote access
– CCTV systems
– Data transfer network

Server hardware and storage support

– Server and server hardware support
– Operation of shared file storage
– DBMS operation, backup support
– Ensuring information security
– Maintenance, support and modernization of data centers with the deployment/installation of IT equipment

Maintenance of communication and data transfer systems

– Network infrastructure and communication channels
– IP telephony
– Wireless communication
– Contact centers with all related systems

Support of engineering systems

– Ventilation and air conditioning
– Power supply
– Security and fire alarm systems
– Security systems (ACS)

Infrastructure component monitoring

– Round-the-clock control and detection
– Failure and fault analysis
– Performance recovery consulting
– 24x7 technical support
– Statistics and reporting

additional services

– creation of new office infrastructure
– inventory and certification of IT infrastructure systems
– modernization of structured cable network (SCS)
– maintenance of communication and data transmission systems
– engineering system support
– maintenance of hands-free, video surveillance and access control systems
– service logistics
– warehouse management of spare/replacement parts
– supplier relations management
– procurement management

operational services

– regular audits of corporate data transfer networks
– regular conferences and meetings devoted to maintenance optimization
– system documentation
– coordination of hardware and software configuration, including amendments
– preventive maintenance
– scheduled system modifications (if there are service contracts with the vendor)
– recommendations for network development

benefits of using CTI’s IT outsourcing

  • single point of responsibility
  • reduced administrative costs for managing a large contractor pool
  • possibility of a unified SLA throughout the Russian Federation
  • standardization of service quality. Financial guarantees
  • optimization of IT infrastructure management costs
  • Improved manageability and transparency of IT costs as the company’s scale changes:
    • reduced overheads for managing a single contractor
    • simplified planning due to framework rates, high degree of transparency
    • single point of responsibility, unified quality parameters (SLAs) backed by penalties
    • unified system for registration and control of request implementation
    • rapid changes in the range and parameters of IT services as the scale of the retail network changes
    • continuous IT support without vacation or sick leave

what you get

  • service based on international best practices
  • access to the competences of a market leader
  • high-quality services
  • focus on your business processes
  • flexible pricing mechanism

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