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monitoring of infrastructure and service performance

With a deep understanding of the IT architecture, knowledge of current customer issues and extensive expertise in multiple areas, CTI has developed the CTI MaaS service for comprehensive monitoring of infrastructure and services.

CTI MaaS enables real-time monitoring of the customer’s telecommunication and IT infrastructure performance and a quick response to any emergency situations or incidents.

formation and control of the SLA for the availability of the Customer's IT services

Tasks solved by the system:
  • Creation of a unified information environment with data on the availability and performance capacity of the customer’s IT services;
  • Proactive incident prevention;
  • Automated resolution/prevention of incidents;
  • Automated incident management based on ITSM;
  • Prompt addition of equipment to the control loop from the specified segments of the communication network;
  • Analytical information based on accumulated data (history) about the status of equipment, software and communication channels;
  • Reporting on events related to the status of equipment based on operational and historical data; option for building system behavior models for the future.
The service includes:
  • Monitoring of leased lines, SLA control;
  • Monitoring and collection of data on the performance and operation of the hardware and software complex;
  • Monitoring and collection of service data;
  • Prompt processing and provision of data for decision making;
  • Event management and correlation processing;
  • Configuration of access interfaces;
  • Integration with the customer’s service desk systems;
  • Proactive warning/*incident resolution;
  • Reporting.

Advantages of CTI MaaS

CTI MaaS allows customers to start using a modern platform for monitoring the operation of software and hardware appliances, complex and distributed information systems, as well as respond quickly to changes and restore performance in the event of an incident.

The solution includes ready-made adapters for integration with the customer’s existing monitoring systems, reducing the time and cost of implementation. Monitoring data is collected using standard protocols for status monitoring and data collection.

CTI MaaS receives information from various components of the customer’s infrastructure, regardless of functionality or manufacturer. This makes it possible to create logical links between events in various functional blocks of the customer’s IT system.

The service also includes proactive monitoring. The collected data is analyzed and a report on the probability of a critical event provided to the customer, making it possible to prevent an emergency before it actually occurs. CTI experts and/or customer employees are notified automatically about events in the system via any available channels (SMS, email, Telegram, phone).

The deployment scheme is chosen depending on the corporate policies and the customer’s technical capabilities: on-premises, in-the-cloud or hybrid.

what you get

  • service based on international best practices
  • access to the competences of a market leader
  • high-quality services
  • focus on your business processes
  • flexible pricing mechanism

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« Our MaaS service can be described as unique. There are lots of solutions for IT monitoring on the market. However, most of them are local systems – you need to purchase and implement them, train personnel and provide continued support. CTI offers a service that requires no capital expenditure and combines all the benefits listed above. That’s why there’s such strong demand among customers looking for a high level of security for their systems »

Albert Islamov,
Communication Services Department Director

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