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web conferences on demand (Webex)

The solution helps optimize the work of employees, partners and customers, saves time and reduces costs considerably due to savings on business trips.

Cisco WebEx includes the following functionality:
  • audio and video conferencing;
  • a service for online meetings (meeting center);
  • a service for organizing training programs: from professional corporate to university events – for geographically distributed participants (training center);
  • service for organizing large-scale web conferences (event center).
Work optimization tools:
  • Document, application and desktop sharing
  • HD video conferencing
  • Meeting recording, editing of notes, viewing
  • Chat, surveys, notes, annotation tools
  • Whiteboarding
  • File transfer between participants
  • VoIP conferences with presenter and speaker indication
  • Integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • Support for mobile devices (audio, web, video conferencing)
  • Interface in Russian

CTI is the only company offering this solution in Russia.

Cisco Webex can even be used as a corporate social network. The solution integrates with mail servers and calendars to simplify meeting planning.

With Webex, you can conduct interactive meetings, corporate presentations and business seminars online and expand your event presence. WebEX can be run as a web application from PCs, smartphones and tablets – it only requires an internet connection.

CTI has integrated Cisco Webex with public telephony in Russia, which now allows our customers to collaborate even from landlines and mobile phones.


benefits for the business

Financial factors:
  • reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • reduced international and long-distance communication costs
  • transparency of monthly expenses instead of risky one-off capital costs [OPEX vs. CAPEX]
  • scalability in line with any business changes
  • quick deployment and availability
Strategic advantages:
  • increased employee efficiency
  • always connected
  • mobility as a business advantage
Compliance with global trends:
  • optimization of business processes
  • typification of IT solutions, services and functions
  • saved time and resources

what you get

  • service based on international best practices
  • access to the competences of a market leader
  • high-quality services
  • focus on your business processes
  • flexible pricing mechanism

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