Qrator Labs

Authorized Partner

Qrator Labs is an acknowledged expert in Continuous Network Availability offering various Network security services to ensure safe Internet and continuous DDoS mitigation for businesses worldwide. Qrator Labs unique anycast architecture provides a reliable geo-distributed, low latency web app protection platform across the North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia with filtering bandwidth capacity more than 3 000 Gbps and 15 points of presence worldwide.

Traffic filtering is the core specialization of the company. Due to ongoing R&D and improvement of filtering algorithms, Qrator Labs is ready to detect and mitigate radically new types of attacks and network anomalies.

A full range of Qrator Labs products to ensure online availability includes DDoS Protection, Smart Application Firewall, Ingress: ISP and datacenter infrastructure security, CDN, DNS and Bot Protection.

Qrator.Radar is a unique monitoring system making it possible to detect network anomalies that can significantly affect availability and quality of services at the global BGP routing level. The world’s biggest real-time routing data collector contains more than 800 BGP sessions with the world’s largest and most distributed peers.

Qrator Labs provides DDoS mitigation services for small and large businesses in a variety of industries including financial institutions, e-commerce, media, education, tourism, and gaming.

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