CTI provides its customers with a full range of technical support, IT outsourcing, IT and information security consulting, IT infrastructure maintenance and administration, as well as consulting on all aspects of solution operation.

full range of services

We provide 24х7 consulting, optimization and support

Technical support is one of the major operational units of the company. CTI offers a wide range of services – from the standard 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technical support to full IT outsourcing.

CTI’s service team consists of specialists with knowledge and experience of working with solutions from leading software and hardware vendors, which is confirmed by implemented projects, statuses and expert certifications.

CTI fully complies with international IT service management standards ISO/IEС 20000-1:2011, and IT security standard ISO 27001.

Effective for companies at different stages of development

  • Large or geographically distributed information systems
  • Heterogeneous multivendor networks
  • Critical information systems and infrastructure elements
  • Recurring IT problems
  • Active development stage or periodic need for significant changes of information systems
  • Lack of in-house competence
  • Desire to cut IT operating costs

managed services

benefits of managed services

  • flexible solution structure
  • no ties to a specific location
  • reduced installation (service launch) time
  • access to advanced technologies
  • use of highly qualified contractor personnel
  • quality assurance
  • service usage to the required volume and quality, with the option of quick adjustments
  • quality assurance
  • quality assurance
  • reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • reduced payroll budget
    • no training costs
    • distribution of costs by time
    • optimization of tax payments
  • replacing CAPEX with OPEX
  • service availability as high as 99.99%

improved service quality for your customers and increased efficiency of business communications

In today’s economy, creation of a modern IT infrastructure is one of the top priorities as business development largely depends on the efficient use of information technologies, smooth operation and reliability of the chosen solutions. The failure of any IT segment can lead to significant losses, even halting a company’s business operations. Building a full-fledged service-oriented IT infrastructure requires time and significant financial resources. How can it be done when there is almost never enough time or money?

CTI provides comprehensive services for the prompt resolution of the customer’s business problems, without time-consuming implementation activities or major financial investments.

our expertise


satisfaction rating of 4.98 / 5


technical support 24х7


400+ expert certificates


highest partner statuses of world-leading IT vendors


350+ continuously active service agreements

200 000

200 000+ units of equipment supported, including business critical systems


1000+ implemented service projects including federal-scale projects

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