The Client

Rosbank is a universal commercial bank on a federal scale, one of the strongest players in Russia’s financial market. The bank is part of Société Générale international group.

The Challenge

In order to increase customer loyalty and ensure its status as a leading digital player in the financial sector, the bank's contact center required a new level of functionality that would allow it to process requests received from text channels.

Comments from the client

“Rosbank is constantly introducing new solutions to improve the quality of customer service and continuously looking for technologies to maintain service at the highest level. The implementation of the system allowed the bank to enhance the operational efficiency of text channels which are becoming increasingly popular. Our plans include expanding the project to new service channels (instant messengers and social networks), chatbot integration and connection to text channels of corporate clients".

- Tatyana Akhapkina, Deputy Director, Retail Digital Business Department at Rosbank

The Solution

An omni-channel service business process automation system was created based on CTI Omni – a product developed in-house by CTI’s R&D department. The system optimizes remote customer service processes, irrespective of the communication channel type chosen by the client.

In December 2018, Rosbank launched a pilot project for the implementation of CTI Omni. The bank analysed the products offered on the market and chose the CTI solution. Following successful pilot tests, the system was launched in the contact center and is already being actively used by the bank, helping it meet its business objectives.

Rosbank's contact center operators process multi-channel requests simultaneously in the CTI Omni “one window”, which significantly increases their work productivity. The operator can instantly identify the client and understand the context of their previous calls from the unified history and built-in customer profile. CTI Omni includes intelligent routing algorithms that help identify the request subject by keywords and redirect it to an operator with the required skills and competencies. Historical and online reports allow the company to control the quality of processing of each request.

The Result

The implementation of the system allowed the bank to increase the loyalty of its customers, who now receive quick solutions to their issues by contacting the call center through the most convenient communication channel. In addition, this resulted in lower operational costs and built an efficient workplace for the call center employees.

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