information security

At CTI, the number of implemented projects in the information security sphere is growing every year: protection against targeted attacks, protection of perimeters, data centers and cloud environments, control and monitoring of information security incidents, secure communication channels and controlled access to wired and wireless media, audits for regulatory compliance, and provision of integrated cloud information security services.

full range of services

IT infrastructure protection
protection of sensitive information
information security consulting and auditing, compliance and security analysis
implementation, maintenance and support of information security solutions
security management
cloud information security services and data protection in cloud environments
information security for IoT

detection of covert data compromise

CTI provides analysis of infrastructure and information flows to detect cases of hidden data compromise. Based on the results of the analysis, a report on the compromise with the chronology and a detailed analysis of the attackers’ actions is provided, as well as recommendations for modernizing the infrastructure to prevent similar attacks in the future. A detailed technical report of the work performed and the results obtained at each stage will allow you to select and implement the most effective solutions to protect your infrastructure and valuable data.

checking network security issues

CTI will help check traffic on the client’s network confidentially and for free. This will allow you to identify dangerous applications, access to dangerous sites, botnet communications, malware attacks, and trace possible data leakage channels. CTI experts will provide an audit report and recommendations for fixing vulnerabilities.

examples of implemented projects

  • protection of the corporate external perimeter and ensuring secure interaction with public networks
  • comprehensive projects to protect the infrastructure of enterprise and data center information systems – over 100 projects implemented
  • comprehensive projects to protect key information infrastructure systems (including critical information infrastructures)
  • provision of secure communication channels in accordance with a service model reducing cost of ownership and ROI from replacing outdated information security equipment
  • protection of confidential information and business from the actions of unscrupulous personnel

our expertise


technical support of information security systems 24x7x365

full cycle

comprehensive integration services

vendor independence

partner statuses from Russian and international vendors of IT security solutions


dedicated staff of technical experts with relevant experience and certificates in the information security field


4.98 out of 5 satisfaction rating

resource base

in-house technical resources (technical demo area for testing and benchmarking of systems and solutions)


warranty and post-warranty service for project results

managed information security services

provision of information security services with various components and SLAs
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