CTI experts offer a comprehensive approach to the construction and modernization of data processing centers, as well as the implementation of projects, both in engineering systems and computing infrastructure, storage and virtualization platforms.

Comprehensive approach

  • needs analysis, design and implementation of the best possible solution using high-performance servers, scalable SANs, hybrid and flash arrays;
  • modernization of the existing IT infrastructure and expansion of its capabilities;
  • transformation of traditional IT infrastructure into convergent infrastructure;
  • audit of the existing infrastructure, analysis of results, proposals on how to transform into software-defined data centers;
  • development and implementation of backup system and disaster-proof solution for business-critical applications;
  • development of a monitoring and management system and its integration into the existing infrastructure.
construction and modernization of data centers
hardware and software supplies
infrastructure projects
building engineering infrastructure

we consult, optimize, support and assist 24x7

We will increase the efficiency of your company by accelerating the processing of operations, provide dynamic scaling and respond to changing business needs.

We protect investments in IT infrastructure throughout the entire life cycle. We ensure the continuity of information systems and the corresponding business processes of the company.


  • simplified IT infrastructure management
  • acceleration of virtualized work tasks
  • increased operational efficiency and reduced costs
  • ensuring fast-track acquisition, deployment, support and management
  • scalable approach to building infrastructure from structural blocks with the possibility of easy expansion
  • auditing and regulatory compliance

audit of IT infrastructure
design and construction of data centers (including backup data centers) and disaster recovery and fault tolerance systems
building server virtualization and VDI ecosystems
modernization of data storage systems and networks


  • Comprehensive virtualization projects, including SoftwareDefinedNetwork (VMware NSX) products and VDI
  • Hyperconvergent systems (DELL EMC VxRail, HPE Simplivity, CiscoHyperFlex)
  • Modular and software-defined infrastructure platforms
  • Fault tolerance and disaster recovery solutions: backup systems, construction of backup data centers in line with the active-active scheme or with a ‘cold’ reserve
  • Migration from RISC architectures to x86
  • Data storage systems entirely on flash drives (AllFlash)


Full cycle

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Over 200,000 items of supported equipment, including business critical systems


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Supply of ready IT solutions with full support and administration as an integrated solution

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