— 15 Jul 2020


The CTI system integrator has implemented the CTI Omni system at Rosbank to automate the business processes of the omni-channel service, allowing the bank to efficiently process requests from clients that are forwarded to the contact center from text communication channels.

Developed by CTI's R&D department, CTI Omni is part of the company’s product line for contact centers. The system is designed to optimize remote customer service processes regardless of the chosen communication channel. CTI Omni functionality is constantly evolving and is primarily aimed at achieving the business objectives of the individual client – prompt response to customer requests and increased loyalty to the company, reduced operating costs and the formation of efficient employee work practices. The new version of CTI Omni was officially released in June 2019.

In December 2018, a pilot project was launched to implement CTI Omni at Rosbank. After analyzing the products on the market, the bank chose the CTI solution. Following successful pilot tests, the system was launched in the contact center and is now being actively used to solve the bank's business objectives.

The operators of the Rosbank contact center process incoming requests from several channels simultaneously from a ‘single window’ in CTI Omni, which significantly increases the productivity of their work. An operator can immediately identify the client and understand the context of their previous calls thanks to the unified history and built-in customer profile. CTI Omni contains intelligent routing algorithms that identify the subject of the request by keywords and redirect it to the operator with the most relevant skills and competencies. Historical and online reports make it possible to control the quality of processing for each request.

The solution has enabled the bank to increase the loyalty of customers, who now receive quick solutions to their questions by addressing the contact center via the most convenient communication channel.

“To improve customer service quality, Rosbank is constantly introducing new solutions and looking for technologies to help maintain the highest level of service. The introduction of the system allowed the bank to increase the efficiency of work with text channels, the popularity of which continues to grow. Our plans include expanding the project to new service channels such as instant messengers and social networks, integration with a chat bot and connecting corporate clients to our text channels,” says Tatyana Akhapkina, Deputy Director of Digital Retail Banking at Rosbank.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Rosbank. Having already implemented a large number of joint projects, the CTI team felt comfortable working with the bank's infrastructure and customizing CTI Omni for it. The professional advice of Rosbank’s managers gave us a unique opportunity to create functionality that, first and foremost, is in demand by customers. We’re glad that Rosbank became one of the first customers to implement our solution, and we are confident that the successful results of this project will support the bank’s status as a leading digital player in the financial sector,” says Platon Begun, Head of CTI’s Contact Center Department.

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