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The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is among the most powerful drivers for increasing productivity and business growth in the industry. The technical solutions required for the ‘smart’ enterprises of the future are already a reality in the IT world and are being integrated rapidly into industrial automation and enterprise management systems.

CTI’s IoT-based solutions offer rich opportunities for understanding business, innovative service development and managing complex hardware and software infrastructures.

The integration of highly efficient technologies can reduce production costs, eliminate downtime and loss of work time, identify potential failures in technological and business processes in advance and take proactive measures to eliminate them. Real-time production management, employee location tracking, online monitoring of production assets, reduced production defects – these are just some of the tangible opportunities IoT offers industry.

full range of services

industrial IoT
IoT for medicine
data center management
smart meeting
video analytics
WiFi analytics
information security in IoT
smart city

advantages of the cti approach

  • focus on IoT technologies to resolve specific business and technological challenges
  • improving the efficiency of enterprises by replacing low-intellectual human labor with ‘smart’ cyber-physical devices
  • the use of advanced science-based technologies from physics and chemistry in device development
  • application of modern computing platforms in devices under development
  • cross-functional and cross-disciplinary team: design and implementation of digital services, selection and development of devices
  • engineering: design and installation, commissioning of hardware services
  • intellectual data analysis: descriptive and predictive analytics of the state of supervised objects
  • in-house solutions for monitoring objects

proprietary products

CTI IoT Platform
universal platform for the internet of things
CTI IoT Engine
predictive diagnostic system for rotary equipment
IoT by subscription
helps businesses manage physical infrastructure and increase operational transparency
critical infrastructure objects status Monitoring

project experience

  • industry-specific experience of implementing monitoring systems for:
    • hazardous industrial facilities (oil and gas)
    • transport infrastructure objects
    • hydraulic structures
    • construction objects (buildings and structures)
  • the use of modern equipment (developed at CTI and by leading Russian and international vendors)
  • if necessary, smart systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure and integrated into operational processes
  • dedicated information security solutions for protect against cybercriminal interference, interception and theft of information, and other cyber threats

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