— 20 Dec 2021

The Office of the Future from CTI

The gradual transition to hybrid work helps both to consolidate the virtual environment and to rationalize the use of physical space where high-tech equipment is located. CTI has developed an “Office of the Future” – a workplace without space or device-specific limitations. This is a set of products and services for the prompt recreation of office infrastructure in line with current technological trends.

The concept includes some of CTI’s proprietary developments, such as:

Some components have been implemented and are successfully operating for many companies. For example, a video conferencing implementation project was carried out for JSC Tander, based on a cluster of Cisco servers. In 88 meeting rooms, CTI specialists have installed access to video conferencing sessions from public networks using software clients, video conferencing terminals or a web browser using WebRTC, implemented by integrating with MS Skype for Business (Dual Home conferences and transit calls) and have arranged conference recording systems. All server components were implemented keeping in mind the need for reserve capacity.
The project uses the latest software products and modern technologies for the formation and transmission of video signals. This allows the managers of Tander JSC to interact effectively without respect to their physical location, saving time and reducing travel expenses.

JSC Tander

Videoconferencing systems and unified communications solutions have become an important tool for companies operating in a wide variety of fields, and in future they will be absolutely necessary for any company. Denis Lipsky, an IT infrastructure architect at FBK Grant Thornton, notes that the software for such solutions is that which is used most frequently in everyday activities.

FBK Grant Thornton

Vladimir Zharov, Head of Unified Communications and Speech Dealing at Alfa-Bank JSC, speaks of the importance of videoconferencing systems:

« For us, the creation and development of an infrastructure that can adapt to changing conditions and serve as a reliable protection for investments is becoming a key task in terms of long-term planning. Videoconferencing has long been a crucial tool for our Bank’s quick and efficient management, and the realities of our world since 2020 has repeatedly underscored its importance not only in banking, but in all other business sectors »

Vladimir Zharov, Head of Unified Communications and Speech Dealing at Alfa-Bank JSC

While installing the video conferencing system at PJSC BANK URALSIB, CTI specialists used the latest Cisco software products and innovative technologies for generating and transmitting video signals.

« Because of coronavirus restrictions and the need to move to a remote work model, we had to reconsider our system for video conferencing. The Cisco Meeting Server-based system has significantly expanded our corporate communication capabilities. Its key advantage is the ability to connect to the conference from any device and from any place equipped with Internet access. Almost every employee can use video communication tools, which is a significant improvement to the quality of our internal corporate processes. The system’s resources make it possible to multiply the number of one-time meetings, helping us to maintain efficiency and more effectively manage our bank’s divisions.
The system includes a software client for desktop and mobile devices, closely integrated into the bank’s telephony, and the ability to connect via a browser without installing an application. Due to a simple and intuitive interface, users can seamlessly migrate to the new system. Users especially enjoy the meeting recording function which allows you to record every detail during the events – a very important feature if you need to keep meeting minutes. In addition to a noticeable increase in the number of meetings held, we also note that there are many fewer calls to technical support »

Dmitry Rubtsov, Head of the User Support Group, Information Technology Service at PJSC BANK URALSIB

Major Auto, a leader in the Russian automotive market, has installed the Cisco videoconferencing system in 23 meeting rooms: now it is easy to arrange meetings, and additional services ensure the increased comfort of users and efficiency of remote meetings.

Major Auto, a leader in the Russian automotive market

CTI Communication Services Department draws attention to the ecosystem of collaborative solutions in which customers are interested:

« CTI’s Office of the Future concept is intended for both large corporations and small businesses. Clients select the necessary functionality, as needed in each case. Any project –from the implementation of simple video conferencing and the creation of remote workplaces, right up to fully functional smart meeting rooms equipped with artificial intelligence – can be performed by the CTI team in compliance with the highest quality requirements at every stage of implementation and ongoing support »

CTI Communication Services Department

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