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One of CTI’s main areas of activity is unified communications. Our team of experts creates products and services to meet the market demand for the intelligent systems of the future. To increase employee performance while retaining mobility and the required level of information security, projects have been implemented to create ‘smart meeting rooms’, multifunctional conference rooms, situational centers, and organize video conferencing with collaboration technologies.

increasing the effectiveness of business communications

CTI offers its clients a range of up-to-date corporate services that ensure employees can quickly and effectively exchange information across all available communication channels. This enables companies to significantly optimize business processes and establish interaction both within companies between employees, and with customers.

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unified communications
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convergent communications

Converged communications refer to the creation of a single conference environment where any subscriber is able to work with any other subscriber using various means of communication unified into a single whole. The key significance of this unification is a single information field and connected (omnichannel) content exchange between subscribers to ensure effective interaction within mobile workgroups.

The single ‘umbrella’ of audio, video and web conferencing also covers collaboration tools, messaging, presence status, integration with business processes, mobility support, personal assistants and much more.


We help to securely integrate employee tablets and smartphones into the corporate environment by implementing the BYOD (bring your own device) concept, enabling the company to:

  • save costs by not having to purchase corporate mobile devices for the staff
  • increase productivity beyond the office
  • reduce average response time to customer requests
  • create new channels for interaction with clients, customers and partners
  • ensure employees are mobile and efficient irrespective of their physical location (in the office or outside it, on the road or during business trips).

videoconferencing no longer a self-sufficient technology

The current trend is towards the transformation of office space and meeting rooms. The demand for large meeting rooms is declining as meetings move online with participants connecting via video conferencing. Modern offices are often planned as open space facilities, with a lot of shared space. This has seen a rise in demand for meeting rooms for just one person where it is possible to communicate in private with a customer or partner.

CTI experts will suggest dedicated devices and technologies to ensure the efficient work of employees in any office space, significantly increase the productivity of remote interaction and speed up a business’s decision-making process.

collaboration technologies and voice control

The undisputed trend of the industry is the introduction of artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) into collaboration technologies, with the voice control of temperature sensors, air quality, lighting, shutters, screens, meeting room reservations and orders of coffee, tickets, taxis, as well as automatic recording of meetings and negotiations. CTI will help you manage everything from a single tablet.

In today’s economy, one of the top priorities is building a modern IT infrastructure, as business development largely depends on the efficient use of information technologies, the smooth operation and reliability of the chosen solutions. About a quarter of companies use application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate “click-to-call” and “chat-click” features into their business platforms. CTI provides services to integrate your company’s solutions with collaboration technologies, as well as comprehensive services and support to help you quickly meet your business objectives, and all without long implementation times or major financial investments.


  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduced costs for long-distance and international calls
  • BYOD. Employees use their own devices
  • Decrease in expenses for business trips and employee travel between branches
  • Ensuring the required security level
  • Increased performance of the company’s employees
  • Always connected
  • Saving time and resources
  • Correctly structured business processes
  • Mobility as a competitive advantage

examples of implemented projects

  • modernization of AVKS system
  • building videoconferencing systems for companies with distributed branches throughout the country
  • establishing videoconferencing-on-demand services for companies of all sizes
  • building cluster videoconferencing solutions with Skype4Business integration
  • IP telephony and videoconferencing projects
  • modernization of telecommunications infrastructure
  • modernization of corporate IP telephony
  • import substitution-related projects

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