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cloud contact center (ССaaS)

With its Cloud Contact Center, CTI offers customers a modern and efficient service that has all the main advantages of cloud technology, is easy to implement, provides guaranteed availability and, most importantly, offers the functionality of a traditional contact center.

more than just a cloud!

transparent service costs
  • Monthly payment
  • No one-off connection fee
  • Technical support, updates and backup included by default in all standard packages
secure business processes
  • The service meets the requirements of information security policies
  • All confidential information remains inside your company
stable service
  • 24х7x365 service availability: calls accepted and processed around the clock
  • Professional technical support from industry experts
  • Telephony continues to be operational even if there are problems with the internet
superior efficiency
  • All the contact center capabilities of large corporations – but much easier, cheaper and faster!

CTI cloud contact center: a unique offer on the market

The unique aspect of CTI’s offering is its high level of technical support provided by industry experts who independently configure, administer and monitor the uninterrupted operation of the contact center in 24x7x365 mode. Unlike market offers from competitors, technical support and full administration are included in the price of the service. Standard packages also include system updates and backup.

In addition to functioning as an independent contact center, the service will help increase the capacity of existing contact centers, handling issues linked to seasonal increases in customer requests or transferring some requests to the cloud.


benefits for your business

sales growth

Minimization of lost customer calls, increase in call conversion to deals and growth of average invoice value, increased efficiency of marketing campaigns

improved quality of service

Reduced waiting time in queue, quick resolution of customer requests, personalized communication and control over the quality of interaction with the customer

flexibility and scalability

Change of call center capacity depending on current needs and seasonality of the business, only pay for used services

territorial independence

Operators can be based in different cities or work remotely – the customer will still receive the same high level of service

control of remote employees

Reports on the work of every operator and the quality of processing for each request

moving from CAPEX to OPEX

No need to purchase equipment and resolve engineering issues

easy deployment

Quick start and no excessive bandwidth requirements for internet channels

easy integration

For both existing and future IT systems of the organization

what you get

  • service based on international best practices
  • access to the competences of a market leader
  • high-quality services
  • focus on your business processes
  • flexible pricing mechanism

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