— 23 Aug 2020


CTI registered its business on August 23, 2002. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the best system integrators in Russia, enjoying authority reputation among both customers and the expert community.

Our congratulations to the entire CTI team on its 18th anniversary - its ‘coming of age’. Numerous industry awards, the trust of enterprise customers, and the recognition of the professional community confirm the high quality standards of the team's work. The company's achievements are the result of day-to-day team work and our specialists’ dedication to their jobs. High levels of energy and enthusiasm of a close-knit team enables CTI to cope with any challenges. Our deepest desire is for the CTI team to move further forward towards its 20th anniversary with confidence, new business successes and professional milestones, increasing the number of satisfied customers and responsible partners, while always keeping in sight our internal values and traditions!

CTI is justly ranked among the leading Russian IT companies, as evidenced by 2019 key industry ratings. According to Cnews TOP100 (a rating of major Russian IT companies), CTI is ranked 36th, having moved up 3 positions in comparison with last year, and also entered the TOP-30 list for business efficiency. According to the CRN/RE, CTI is ranked among the 25 best system integrators in Russia. The rating is based on a survey of experts and market participants, with integrators assessed according to six criteria: business scale and dynamics, the team’s professionalism, market reputation, openness to new technologies (willingness to work with innovations) and stability during a crisis. CTI received positive ratings in each of the six categories.

The positive development dynamics is confirmed by a 28.3% revenue growth year-on-year, amounting to 5.4 billion rubles in absolute terms. This growth significantly exceeded the average recorded growth rates of the IT market in the Russian Federation. The growth significantly exceeded the average recorded IT growth market indicators in the Russian Federation.
As of today, the CTI team unites over 350 highly professional engineers, programmers and managers trained in foreign and Russian training centers of software and IT vendors. CTI’s technical specialists hold over 800 professional certifications. The company has its own R&D Department, with experts who implement complex integration projects and innovative software products to help customers reach their objectives.

By introducing advanced technologies, CTI always builds long-term relationships with world IT market leaders, and our portfolio includes solutions of more than a hundred vendors. CTI clients can always count on the technological capabilities of the most reliable suppliers and the highest level of service. CTI not only offers IT products, but also a comprehensive solution of business objectives, with enhanced operations due to modernization of management and optimization of business processes.

The company is continuing its development: in 2020 and the following years will face the problems of adapting IT infrastructures to the current reality, modernizing networks and upgrading infrastructure to meet increased business demands. Today, the entire business is undergoing a serious change, driving the immediate transformation of internal processes and customer interaction models.

CTI offers a full range of solutions that allow us to implement the transformations quickly and minimize costs.

Moreover, we expect an increased demand for service projects, IT outsourcing and IT infrastructure technical support. Automation and the introduction of self-service systems have become more and more in demand, and many customers have considered cloud services, allowing them to cut costs. CTI provides highly efficient IT services and solutions with a tailored and flexible approach, as demonstrated by the experience of over 30,000 successful projects that have increased the efficiency and competitiveness of our clients' businesses.

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