— 13 Apr 2018


The CTI system integrator has completed the construction of a backup data center for the international taxi service Maxim in Kurgan, Russia. The project is the second stage of a multi-year infrastructure modernization and development plan aimed at meeting the growing needs of the customer and ensuring uninterrupted service. The first phase was completed in 2016.

The key objectives of the project were to increase computing power and create the infrastructure for the continuous operation of applications in a virtual environment, with the ability to quickly transfer the load between data centers without interrupting service requests to ensure 100% availability.

The VPLEX product uniting the data center has provided the taxi ordering service with a broad range of opportunities for managing its dynamically developing IT infrastructure, and enabling a quick response to the needs of service users, the company's business as well as developers of new services. With the full transition to VPLEX, the company is planning to achieve 99.99% fault tolerance.

CTI experts conducted a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s needs for the next five years and proposed a phased solution implementation plan based on the Dell EMC VPLEX firmware and Cisco Nexus converged switches.

“We have already implemented the second stage of the data center modernization project with the help of CTI specialists. The implemented system can be scaled up depending on load growth. As a result, we now have security, quick access and fault tolerance of the infrastructure, which allows us to focus on our key business aims,” said Ivan Shishkin, the project manager responsible for the modernization of Maxim’s data center.

“CTI specialists have unique experience of building data centers for a variety of business needs. In this case, the most efficient architecture was chosen for creating a backup system. As a result, we have a solution where both cluster nodes in different locations in the city of Kurgan are constantly operational, and data integrity is guaranteed by the VPLEX logic,” said Roman Kharybin, Data Center and IT Infrastructure Department Director at CTI.

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