— 28 Mar 2019


CTI, a leading system integrator, has implemented the ZOOM recording and speech analytics system in the Sovest contact center. The project was completed in just one month.

Sovest, the first pay-by-installment card (a QIWI group project), was looking to optimize the operation of its contact center using ZOOM Speech Analytics, a call recording and speech analytics system. The solution helped reduce operating costs, increase the efficiency of operators’ work and ensure consistent customer service.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with companies that not only express a customer-oriented approach but also take real steps to optimize their business processes by analyzing both negative and positive customer experiences,” says Mikhail Minyailov, Head of Call Center Optimization at CTI. “CTI has implemented many projects that have included speech analytics, but with this particular initiative a significant business effect was achieved within a tight timeline.”

The ZOOM Speech Analytics box solution includes a fast high-precision speech engine for processing audio calls and screen recordings with minimal hardware use. It helps Sovest analyze the content of 100% of operator conversations, manage customer request-based search queries, highlight useful information, such as cases of emotional dissatisfaction, the presence of long pauses, as well as latent or unresolved complaints.

Due to the fact the solution provides data in almost real time, the company can quickly respond to contentious or unresolved customer issues and adjust business processes by replicating the best processes of notifying and supporting customers, as well as providing employees with prompt feedback. Reporting on key indicators in the system is available without any additional involvement or support of IT specialists.

“We are a young but fast-growing project,” explains Natalia Sorokina, Head of Operational Customer Support at Sovest. “The number of calls to the contact center has already reached a hundred thousand per month. They are processed by 60 employees at the contact center. Our company doesn’t have ready-made scripts, with employees learning possible variations of live dialogues on special training courses. This, combined with the steadily growing volume of calls, means it is becoming physically challenging to assess the quality of all conversations. Moreover, post-factum control is usually too slow to resolve certain situations, and for us resolving customer issues quickly is one of our main priorities. ZOOM Speech Analytics helps us to resolve this effectively. Prompt data analysis also offers great opportunities for business development and new insights for evaluating and developing new offers. For example, when launching new marketing activities, we can see the actual cross-section of customer reactions in real time and can quickly adjust.”

“Our joint project with Sovest has shown that complex resource-intensive speech analytics projects that take months to implement are now a thing of the past,” says Sergey Bolshakov, Vice President for Russia and CIS at ZOOM International. “ZOOM Speech Analytics is provided together with a ready-made Russian dictionary that has demonstrated high recognition accuracy and also makes it possible to use the system immediately after installation. This can significantly reduce the return on investment, while the minimal requirements for ZOOM Speech Analytics hardware make its implementation affordable to a wide range of businesses.”

The results of a ZOOM Speech Analytics pilot showed that the FCR (First Call Resolution) indicator at Sovest increased by 2% (from 96% to 98%), and AHT (Average Handling Time) decreased by 4% (from 247 to 242 seconds). To achieve still more ambitious results, the company is planning to integrate the solution with a CRM system and a database.

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