— 28 Feb 2018


At the beginning of 2018, CTI extended the current outsourcing contract for the IT infrastructure support of the Finnish retail chain Finn Flare. The work is provided under contract in compliance with the stringent requirements of the SLA, in terms of both incident response time, and equipment and system performance recovery time.

CTI has been providing comprehensive technical support for the hardware and software in Finn Flare’s IT infrastructure since 2014 in all the regions of the Russian Federation where the Finnish retail chain has a presence. Project implementation includes support for all the business critical information systems of the customer’s company.

Infrastructure support can significantly increase the efficiency of using IT for business needs, reduce the risks of information loss and reduce the number of technical personnel, optimize costs and simplify the process of scaling up various technical solutions within the network, which is especially important given the size of the business.

The contract provides for a set of measures to ensure the continuous operation of Finn Flare's regionally distributed offices: technical support services; provision of unified user support service (Service Desk); maintenance of workstations (AWP), support of copying, network and server equipment. In addition, support is provided for specialized equipment such as barcode scanners, PIN pads, magnetic stripe readers, and multimedia and video equipment.

CTI provides 24/7 service support for all Finn Flare stores. The system integrator guarantees uninterrupted operation of the network infrastructure and prompt recovery in case of any failures.

“Thanks to the accumulated experience of working with major retail chains from various spheres, CTI specialists are ready to suggest innovative solutions to help develop the client’s business,” said Vladimir Chukaev, Head of Service Projects Management Department, Service and IT Outsourcing at CTI. “Our clients get access to information technologies based on best industry practices for outsourcing support, technical expertise and constant improvement of service quality.”

“CTI has gained a reputation as a qualified contractor that fulfills its contractual obligations with a high level of professionalism,” says Alexey Petrov, Deputy IT Director for Technical Support at Finn Flare. “The company has shown its ability to perform its work responsibly, to work efficiently and according to the stated timeline. We recommend CTI as a professional company with a good business reputation.”

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