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CTI has had unique expertise and experience in setting up contact centers since 2002, which allows us to offer the best solution for each customer, regardless of the field of activity, technology platform, or business size: from classic contact centers for large corporations to cloud service contact centers on demand for medium and small business. All solutions are easily integrated into the IT infrastructure of the client, while preserving the investments that have been made.

building and automation of contact centers

1. contact center infrastructure
2. omnichannel (cti omni)
3. voice and text bots
4. voice biometrics
5. outbound call automation (cti outbound)
6. scripting automation (cti scripting)
7. contact center as a service (cloud contact center from cti)
8. business consulting on contact center building and maintenance

resolving key business challenges

increased customer loyalty and leveraging of accumulated customer experience to increase sales
  • improved customer service quality
  • instant customer identification
  • reduced request processing time and queueing time
  • personalization of communication with the customer through the integration of the company’s contact center and CRM
increased sales

increased conversion of contact center calls to transactions:

  • reduced number of lost calls
  • reduced call processing time
  • reduced waiting times
  • creation of personal offers the moment the customer addresses the contact center
  • empowering the contact center operator with sales manager functionality
reduced contact center maintenance and support costs
  • optimization of the company’s end-to-end business process
  • Contact center staff optimization
  • IT support of contact center infrastructure provided by CTI
  • optimization of customer service costs by reducing the cost per call (CPC)
territorial independence

a single pool of numbers with the ability to connect to the internal network of offices located in different cities and countries, as well as attract outsourcers (remote employees with lower rates based in other regions, women on maternity leave)

transfer of CAPEX costs to OPEX

CTI’s cloud service ‘Contact center on demand’ gives the client full functionality of a contact center without capital costs, allows you to increase the capacity of the available contact center or transfer some of the tasks to the cloud.
more about Contact center on demand

optimization of contact centers

CTI’s toolkit includes all the most advanced technologies, innovations and services that allow you to optimize end-to-end corporate business processes. This is a prerequisite for building an effective contact center and optimizing an existing one, and helps solve tasks related to the quality of customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

robotic process automation (rpa)
speech analysis
workforce management (wfm)
desktop and process analytics

benefits for business

In each project, CTI considers the size of the client’s business, internal processes and current IT infrastructure. CTI specialists will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the existing contact center’s operations and suggest an effective solution for its modernization and optimization, making it possible to reduce the cost of contact center maintenance, increase efficiency with minimal costs for the client and safeguard funds that have already been invested.

increased efficiency of contact center operator activity, reduced client request processing time
  • omnichannels: single call history across all channels, single operator window and call queue
  • intelligent routing tailored to operators’ skills
  • integration with the company’s information systems
  • instant customer identification based on voice biometrics, AI and BI
  • convenient reporting: statistics and analytics
contact center workforce optimization

automated contact center workforce management system WFM (Workforce Management): forecasting operator workload based on data recorded during earlier periods, automation of work schedules for shifts and for each employee, provision of up-to-date information on key contact center operational parameters (number of working operators, queues and workload level, control over the volume of processed calls, automation of reporting on labor productivity, etc.)

control over the quality of staff performance and contact center processes

comprehensive contact center control system - WFO (Workforce Optimization):

  • recording and analysis of customer voice and text messages
  • control over quality of customer service
  • identifying customer satisfaction level from the solution suggested by the operator
  • planning and conducting of e-learning for contact center personnel
  • analytics to identify the reasons for a request
  • fewer repeat calls, etc.
automation of contact center staff work
  • self-service systems
  • voice and text bots
  • automated routine operations, scripting
  • IVR
  • integration with CRM
stable operation of the contact center IT infrastructure

CTI helps ensure IT support of the contact center infrastructure and 24x7 real-time monitoring of its operation. SLA customer satisfaction rating:

  • - To support equipment availability – 99.97% (Zabbix monitoring);
  • - For processing of 2nd and 3rd line tech support - 4.95 out of 5.

Activating the ‘Contact center on demand’ service from CTI guarantees uninterrupted operation as the whole infrastructure is on the CTI side. The fault tolerance of CTI’s equipment is 99.97% (according to Zabbix monitoring).

efficient marketing campaigns
  • using customer experience as a tool to increase sales
  • tools for outgoing calls, including CTI OutBound
  • generation of incoming personal offer for the customer with the help of artificial intelligence and business intelligence
  • integration of contact center with the company’s information systems
  • improved customer service quality: instant customer identification, reduced call processing and waiting times, fewer lost calls

our expertise


CTI is a leader in building Russia’s largest contact centers


over 10 highly qualified engineers in the dedicated ‘Contact Center’ team


in-house r&d department: complex integration projects and our own products for contact centers


expertise gained from over 30,000 implemented projects

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