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For most companies, building a customer-oriented strategy (CustomerExperience) is no longer just a fashionable trend, but a vital necessity. Customer loyalty stands out as the main competitive advantage, and business is only able to grow with a correctly formulated CustomerExperience (CX) strategy. CX strategy can help monetize the positive customer experience, increasing sales by retaining customers and attracting new ones.

the likelihood of a customer leaving for a direct competitor grows following just ONE unsuccessful customer service experience
of customers are ready to change brand if they are not satisfied with the quality of service
report negative customer experience as a reason for rejecting a service/product in the future
of customers opt for another brand if the purchase process is too complicated

Building a CX strategy requires a thorough approach and analysis of both the stages of the customer journey and communication channels, and business processes in the organization itself. Many companies have already faced a situation when, after implementation of one or more solutions, the expected benefits were not obtained. Major budgets are spent, customers are not happy, and the key financial indicators of the business are stagnating.

Business-oriented solutions from CTI help our customers to build the right customer experience strategy using innovative solutions to manage customer experience across all channels of interaction and at every stage of the customer journey. Moreover, CTI experts will help identify and eliminate the reasons for the inefficient use of existing solutions, and scale the technologies already available to the client to gain additional benefits.

we solve the main business tasks

perfect business processes everywhere

Solutions for front offices, including retail stores, sales offices, etc., help control the quality level of customer service along with correct implementation of the sales algorithm (script) by sales assistants. Today, the solution of these key tasks determines a company’s ability to compete and directly affects the success of the business.

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Solutions for contact centers make contact centers not only an efficient link between the customer and the company but a true profit generation center. On the one hand, they help reduce operating costs by optimizing staff and customer service process; on the other, they can increase sales by providing high-quality customer service.

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Back office is also something to bear in mind – it does not have direct contact with customers, but at the same time affects their loyalty level. After all, it is the back office that solves any complex tasks that customers contact the company about – both via the contact center or in a store. Solutions by CTI help the back office operate effectively, quickly and without mistakes, with minimal staff.

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customers always see a business as a single entity intended to solve their problems

And that is why, in order to create a positive customer experience, you need to provide the same high-quality service at every point of contact with your company: the first contact with a sales assistant in a store, the conversation with a contact center operator, interaction with technical support, correct information when advertising new products and services without unnecessary spam, and much more.

Customer Experience

8 tools to increase customer loyalty

personalized relationship with customers and buyer analysis

The strategy of a personalized approach allows us to offer the customer the precise goods and services that they currently need. As well as increasing loyalty by making the customer feel unique, it also helps save resources.

CTI solutions help achieve the key objective of identifying the needs of a particular customer by collecting and analyzing the relevant information.


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